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Absolute Batman Arkham Asylum Anniversary

Designer: A New Hope Comics

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Product Description
Unlike any Batman book you've ever read. A pshycological horror masterpiece from the minds of Grant Morrison and Dave McKean now presented in a beautiful Absolute edition format.


The lunatics take control of the asylum and the Dark Knight descends into this heart of madness alongside them in Batman: Arkham Asylum, one of the most successful graphic novels of all time. Written by legendary comics creator Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman) and stunningly illustrated by Dave McKean (Sandman), this dark and cerebral tale remains as captivating now as when it was first published 30 years ago.

In this newly restored Absolute edition, every page has been painstakingly revived by the artist, leaving a breathtaking final product that matches his original painted artwork more closely than any reproduction to date!

Also includes more than 100 pages of behind-the-scenes content, including Morrison's complete annotated script, sketches, pinup gallery, and afterwords by Morrison, McKean, and series editor Karen Berger.