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Frank Millers Sin City Collection

Designer: Dark Horse Books

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Dark Horse Books
Product Description
This is the ULTIMATE edition of Sin City for your library. Coming in an oversized gallery hardcover edition, measuring 15 inches wide by 21.5 inches tall,  Frank Miller’s Sin City: The Hard Goodbye Curator’s Collection showcases the entire Eisner Award-winning graphic novel scanned from the original artwork in Frank Miller’s archives and reproduced at the full actual size at which Miller originally drew it. With an introduction by Robert Rodriguez, an afterword by Mike Richardson and an interview about the artistic process with Frank Miller! 

This Curator's Collection includes: The Sin City chapters from Dark Horse Presents issues #51 to #62 and the Dark Horse Presents: 5th Anniversary Special, previously collected in TR and HC as Sin City: The Hard Goodbye.  This is the first volume in Kitchen Sink Books’ Curator’s Collection series, featuring acclaimed graphic novels reproduced from the original art, shown alongside text pieces, unseen artwork, and ancillary material.

Frank Miller is arguably the most important cartoonist  (writer AND artist) working in comics over the last 25 years. Mr. Miller is back in the spotlight with the release of DC's Dark Knight III: The Master Race in late 2015. Frank Miller's Sin City: The Hard Goodbye Curator's Collection includes the entire Eisner Award-winning graphic novel, now scanned from the original artwork in Frank Miller's personal archives and reproduced at the actual size he originally drew it. 

Twenty-five years after its first publication in the pages of Dark Horse Presents, get ready to experience one of the most groundbreaking graphic novels of all time as few have ever seen it! 

"Miller [is] the most important comic book artist of the last 25 years." -Los Angeles Times