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Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider Man Vol

Designer: A New Hope Comics

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Product Description
Peter Parker's always had the worst luck, but Spider-Man's a hit with the ladies in his latest round of adventures! The Black Cat is back, and her love-hate relationship with Spidey is heating up. Dazzler dances with our hero in an early appearance not to be missed. And she's not the only mutant caught in Spidey's web; Mesmero is back, courtesy of Dennis O'Neil. Then, an all-time Spider-Man great makes his series debut: John Romita Jr.! JRJR carries on the family tradition, creating some of the most iconic Spider-Man adventures of all time beginning right here. Also featuring a Stern-&-Byrne one-shot, the first appearances of Madame Web and Hydro-Man, and Frank Miller's classic Spider-Man/Doctor Strange team-up!


Written by Marv Wolfman,‎ David Michelinie,‎ Roger Stern,‎ and Dennis O'Neil
Art by Keith Pollard,‎ John Byrne,‎ Jim Mooney,‎ John Romita Jr, and Frank Miller