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Marvel Masterworks Doctor Strange Vol

Designer: Marvel

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Product Description

The Marvel Masterworks casts an enticing spell this Halloween with its next Doctor Strange edition! All-time great writer Roger Stern joins a host of the greatest artists ever to draw the Master of the Mystic Arts. The result? Pure magic. The tales in store feature the return of classic enemies like Nightmare, Baron Mordo and Dormammu, introduce Morgana Blessing, team Stephen Strange with Brother Voodoo, send him back in time to ancient Egypt alongside the Fantastic Four -- and to World War II with Nick Fury -- and draw Clea into a war for the Dark Dimension. Painstakingly restored and packed with bonus features galore, this amazing tome honors one of greatest eras in DOCTOR STRANGE history.

Collecting: DOCTOR STRANGE (1974) #47-57, MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #6; with material from CRAZY (1973) #88 and the OFFICIAL HANDBOOK of the MARVEL UNIVERSE (1983)

Written by: Roger Stern with J.M. DeMatteis
Pencils by: Marshall Rogers, Gene Colan, Paul Smith, Brent Anderson, Michael Golden, and Kevin Nowlan
Inks by: Terry Austin, Dan Green, and Joe Rubinstein
Cover by: Paul Smith